About Lucia Chung

When Lucia Chung isn't at a Muni stop waiting for a bus that in all likelihood isn't coming, she's sprinting to a Caltrain station so as not to miss a train that will probably be late. Otherwise, you'll find her, tall and hungry, looking for food and fun all over the bay.

Whore Pasta! (Pasta alla Puttanesca)

I first heard about whore pasta when I was a little kid watching Lidia Bastianich make it on her PBS cooking show. I remember her describing it as something “pungent, briny and spicy” that’s made with inexpensive, easily accessible ingredients. It’s something that’s perfect for the purported “woman of the night.”

..and it’s apparently also perfect for me. 😀

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Thanksgiving with the Chungs! A Food Network Holiday

This Thanksgiving felt more like a giant science experiment than anything. Since it was only me, my mom and my dad this year, we didn’t make that much food. Our feast consisted of one 14-lb turkey a la the genius, Alton Brown (I love how he smacked down Michael Chiarello for not separating an egg properly), cranberry sauce the Tyler Florence way, and mashed potatoes the..we have a sack of potatoes we don’t know what to do with way. Since the recipes are there for you to follow, all I really wanted to do was show you my science experimenty photos, and also tell you how NOT to mess up a recipe.


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Curry Me Happy! The Great Muracci-Tani Showdown

Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill | Tani’s Kitchen

When the weather gets nippy, a dish of soupy Japanese curry with pearls of plump white rice warms me up perfectly. This year, I’ve taken it upon myself to patronize as many curry restaurants as I can find in my quest for curry bliss. This edition of Curry Me Happy brings two home-style Japanese restaurants head to head in a straight-up curry showdown.

When I eat curry in a restaurant, Curry House curry is usually my yardstick, since I can usually make curry out of their instant curry blocks with consistently good results. Of course, I’ve also frequented Curry House’s restaurant, which is also pretty freaking awesome. The two places I tried this time both serve up something special that you can’t get from a box–the homemade touch they give their food definitely adds to the experience.

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Burgermeister – My Best Hangover Meal Yet

Oh my god wow. The burgers at Burgermeister are fucking amazing.

The Burgermeister. The bacon hangs off the edge like a piece of drool. Yeah, this burger knows how hot it is.

I got the Burgermeister burger, which comes with sauteed onions and mushrooms, cheese, bacon and avocado. For some reason, my hungover self decided I needed the half pound patty…which probably was my BEST IDEA EVER. Hungover self, I commend you, and I should follow your advice more often.

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Cooking with Mom: Tuna Salad Sushi

Tuna Salad Sushi is something my mom got out of a Taiwanese cookbook, and I love it. It takes quite a bit of work, but it’s definitely worth it. When my mom first told me what went into this roll, I was pretty skeptical. But then I tasted it, and I was blown away. The pungent onion, crunchy and spicy bell pepper, crisp cucumber, bitter lettuce, creamy avocado and soft tuna combine with the slightly sweet and sour sushi rice to form a magical combination of flavors and textures. I’ll attempt to show you how to make this sushi roll here, since my mom told me to make it myself when I asked her for it. Sadly, I don’t have a video, so my photos will just have to do. >.<

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