Curry Me Happy! The Great Muracci-Tani Showdown

Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill | Tani’s Kitchen

When the weather gets nippy, a dish of soupy Japanese curry with pearls of plump white rice warms me up perfectly. This year, I’ve taken it upon myself to patronize as many curry restaurants as I can find in my quest for curry bliss. This edition of Curry Me Happy brings two home-style Japanese restaurants head to head in a straight-up curry showdown.

When I eat curry in a restaurant, Curry House curry is usually my yardstick, since I can usually make curry out of their instant curry blocks with consistently good results. Of course, I’ve also frequented Curry House’s restaurant, which is also pretty freaking awesome. The two places I tried this time both serve up something special that you can’t get from a box–the homemade touch they give their food definitely adds to the experience.

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Premier Bakery and Cafe (スィーツカフェプルミエ)

jan jon here with his cheat meal of the week. Tonight I visited a famous bakery and cafe here in Ota, Japan. (太田). I went for a Japanese lesson which turned into a 2hr English lesson instead, nothing like getting hustled by a 90lb Japanese girl trying to talk to you about Glee. I ordered the Seafood and Mushroom Curry, I was shocked that a place that is famous for being a French style bakery even served this. I prefer the bad news first so here it goes. The curry wasn’t spicy enough for my taste and the mushrooms were cut a bit too large, to eat easily with a spoon. Now the good news, everything else was amazingly cooked and the flavors balanced well. I was more than happy with the variety of seafood in the curry: which was squid, scallops, and shrimp. The fried onions on top of the rice were a nice touch and gave the curry rice mixture some added texture and an extra flavor kick. As I was explaining my theory about people who like beer and eating sweets, a big plate of dessert came our way. In our confusion, the waiter explained that the dessert came complimentary with our meals. Neither of us being a big fan of dessert we merely tasted a bit of each before playing with it. Not pictured is the orange, chestnut, and green tea ice cream sandwich I made; as well as my reaction to eating a candied chestnut.