Curry Me Happy! The Great Muracci-Tani Showdown

Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill | Tani’s Kitchen

When the weather gets nippy, a dish of soupy Japanese curry with pearls of plump white rice warms me up perfectly. This year, I’ve taken it upon myself to patronize as many curry restaurants as I can find in my quest for curry bliss. This edition of Curry Me Happy brings two home-style Japanese restaurants head to head in a straight-up curry showdown.

When I eat curry in a restaurant, Curry House curry is usually my yardstick, since I can usually make curry out of their instant curry blocks with consistently good results. Of course, I’ve also frequented Curry House’s restaurant, which is also pretty freaking awesome. The two places I tried this time both serve up something special that you can’t get from a box–the homemade touch they give their food definitely adds to the experience.

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