Premier Bakery and Cafe (スィーツカフェプルミエ)

jan jon here with his cheat meal of the week. Tonight I visited a famous bakery and cafe here in Ota, Japan. (太田). I went for a Japanese lesson which turned into a 2hr English lesson instead, nothing like getting hustled by a 90lb Japanese girl trying to talk to you about Glee. I ordered the Seafood and Mushroom Curry, I was shocked that a place that is famous for being a French style bakery even served this. I prefer the bad news first so here it goes. The curry wasn’t spicy enough for my taste and the mushrooms were cut a bit too large, to eat easily with a spoon. Now the good news, everything else was amazingly cooked and the flavors balanced well. I was more than happy with the variety of seafood in the curry: which was squid, scallops, and shrimp. The fried onions on top of the rice were a nice touch and gave the curry rice mixture some added texture and an extra flavor kick. As I was explaining my theory about people who like beer and eating sweets, a big plate of dessert came our way. In our confusion, the waiter explained that the dessert came complimentary with our meals. Neither of us being a big fan of dessert we merely tasted a bit of each before playing with it. Not pictured is the orange, chestnut, and green tea ice cream sandwich I made; as well as my reaction to eating a candied chestnut.